Like everyone else, Marty, Dave, and Sharon are staying in to be as safe as possible. We miss getting out and seeing each other (no practices in the last many months). But most of all, we miss seeing YOU! All performers enjoy being in front of an audience, but Peter, Paul, and Mary fans are special somehow. The love and energy we receive from audiences is unmatched by anything we experience elsewhere. We cannot wait for venues to start hosting concerts, so we can sing with you (and meet you after the show) once again. When you know that venues in your area are beginning to host shows, let us know, and we'll contact them about the possibility of performing there.

Please stay safe this holiday season. Remember that masks are not impediments to visits with families. Marty has had (at least) 10 members of his extended family in 3 different states infected with the virus. Thankfully, all have recovered, but this virus is real and dangerous. 

We look forward to seeing you soon! 

Happy Holidays,

Peter, Paul, and Mary - Remembered (Marty, Dave, and Sharon)