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"Coming of Age"
The Story of Peter, Paul and Mary Remembered

Marty Province, Dave Dumas and Sharron Owen are part of a growing number of “baby boomers” who have been musicians for years and are not ready to “let the music die”.   So when these musicians get together to “jam, it is usually to simply play a few tunes and remember the good times.

A few years ago, Sharron wanted to sing some old PP&M tunes, so she went to jam sessions looking for others who remembered those songs and found Dave.  She and Dave started singing together, but were still looking for that third person who could sing Peter, Paul and Mary tunes.

So the search began for a “Peter”. Sharron and Dave looked for months, then one night it happened.  At a jam session, Sharron was watching and listening to Marty, so she found Dave and said, “Here’s our “Peter”!  They approached Marty about PP&M and he said he was working two jobs and was not sure he had the time to be in a group.

The evening went by, they turned around and he was gone…..and neither Dave nor Sharron got his last name or a phone number!  They asked around, they looked everywhere in the Valley for almost a year.  Then finally, they asked the right person who “knew another person who knew a guy” who thought Marty was a church choir director somewhere in Gilbert.  Dave got online, did some searching and found our “Peter” again!

Again, there was that initial meeting and after singing for a few hours, everything seemed to fit.  The rehearsals began and the requests came in and performances were fun for everyone!